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Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Soooo.... yeeeaahhh...

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The Man of Metropolis Steals Our Hearts

Apparently those "Blog-related resolutions" are going real well. Yeah.

Instead of posting every day, it's been days. Instead of getting those post date graphics done, I've not done that. So forth, and so on.

It has been busy at work... perhaps that has something to do with it. And, before last night, Heather and I had gone out on the town oh, we figure, about 16 days straight. Something like that. It's possible we hadn't stayed in since before Christmas (though I'm not sure of that). And of course, we stay in, and I have a huge project to finish up for work that... let's just say, wasn't quite the priority I was led to believe, but boy, Rob sure is glad to have something to "wave in front of the client today."

Yikes. There's five hours of home time down the drain.

Ok, good things... focus on the good things... the wedding planning is coming along. Heather has an appointment at 9am tomorrow to meet a coordinator at our favorite-venue-of-the-moment, and if it all works out, it sounds like we may book as early as next week (or this weekend, something like that). Booking would be great... it would lock the date in, and set a definite budget, and let us relax a little, for at least a few months, before we hit that 12-month mark and really have to bust ass.

Today marks the first anniversary of Heather and I dating. We're not doing anything huge... we have so much to do, really... but we are going out to a very nice dinner at Prima tonight. I was such a fan of the braised duck ravioli I had last time that I hope I enjoy whatever I get tonight. Then, tomorrow we're heading to Oliveto in Rockridge with Ian for some engagement-celebratin' type action. Actually, the main reason is he knows the chef and it will be awesome.

Then Friday I meet with Marsha to try to wrap up After that, I'm not doing websites for anyone (well, besides friends) until I stop doing them at work all day. Lame.

More later, if the day doesn't drown me.

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