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Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Personal Retrospective

I just realized that in 1 week's time, this blog will have been active for 6 months. Pretty nifty.

Because of this, I've started looking back over old posts, and thought I might share bits and pieces that I like... whether because they remind me of the time, or because, in retrospect, they're somehow interesting.

On February 16, I posted about the Valentine's Day trip Heather and I took to Disneyland:

All-in-all, it's the best trip to Disneyland that I can remember, and I'm down there a lot. She's one special girl, and she made my trip there all the better.

Here's to many more. Love you, hun.

Cute. We're going back to Disneyland in 40-something days... the number is counting down above and slightly to the right of this post... and I'm sure it will be as good, or better, than that trip. No fancy dinner at Granville's, but we're going down with my folks and my brother and his girlfriend, and we're all staying at the Disneyland Hotel. Oh, and thanks to my good buddy Andy, we've got the two-day passes taken care of. Very nice.

On February 28th, I made the first mention of seeking new employment. Well, the first mention here, anyway.

As long ago as March 2nd, I hinted at the December Walt Disney World trip:

I am an insane planner at times. Far, far future plans occasionally just come to me. Whatever works.

On March 9th, I pointed out the "new" template I was working on... uuuuuggllyy...

March 15th saw me decrying the choice of Robert Iger as the new CEO of the Walt Disney Company:

Briefly on the topic of Michael Eisner's replacement as Disney's CEO by current Disney President Robert Iger... Iger is a tool and has a long way to go to prove he isn't just a hand puppet for Eisner. Where does he need to start? Fucking REPAIR the relationship with PIXAR. The only profitable and acclaimed films to come out of the Disney camp the last few years... Pirates of the Caribbean excepted... came from either Pixar or Miramax, and Eisner screwed the pooch on both relationships. Get to work, Iger!

Though the hint was back on 3/2, the Walt Disney World countdown officially began on March 30th:

256 days, 10 hours, 48 minutes, 30 seconds... I am literally insane.

It now stands at 137 days, 7 hours and change...

On April 4th, I bragged about my fantasy draft:

C: Jason Kendall
1B: Shea Hillenbrand, Scott Hatteberg
2B: Orlando Hudson
3B: Alex Rodriguez, Dallas McPherson (minors)
SS: Edgar Renteria
OF: Johnny Damon, Gary Sheffield, Nick Swisher, David DeJesus, Jeremy Reed
DH: Travis Hafner, Dmitri Young
SP: Brad Radke, Cliff Lee, Noah Lowry, Bronson Arroyo, C.C. Sabathia (DL)
RP: Octavio Dotel, B.J. Ryan, Jorge Julio

While my team is doing alright (solidly in 3rd place at 20-12), 9 of those 22 names no longer exist on my roster, and of my original 9 starting batters (Kendall, Hillenbrand, Hudson, A-Rod, Renteria, Damon, Sheffield, Swisher, Hafner), 33% are no longer regular starters for my team. Just funny how things end up. I have only 3 of the 8 pitchers listed there... weird.

On April 20th, I argued for the Niners to take Aaron Rodgers, and not Alex Smith, with the first pick in the draft:

I hope the Niners pick Aaron Rodgers with the first pick on Saturday. Rumor has it these days, that Alex Smith of Utah is the favored QB in the Niner camp... but that guy has the same agent who got Eli Manning retarded money last year, and convinced the young fuck to hold out for a few months before signing. The Niners are in pain and need a new face (and new arm), and now... not later. Rodgers could be drafted and signed within 24 hours, ready to go to work playing for the team he grew up following.

Turns out I may have been wrong about the Ute from San Diego. Sure, he just got insane money ($49.5 million, $24 million guaranteed, over 6 years), but he got it in time to make all the training camps, and every other sentence out of his mouth has to do with "earning this money" and "proving that I deserve this money" and stuff. Sounds like a good kid.

I still wanted Rodgers, though.

On May 3rd, I railed against the deceptiveness of toilet paper:

For SHAME! Those that sell the good people of America their t.p. should have, by now, found a way around the laws of physics to cease this seemingly endless charade! FOR SHAME!

Haw haw.

A day later, I applied for my current job. Then, on May 10th, I compared the two jobs's commutes.

On May 13th, I got all mushy about being with Heather for 4 months (of course, it's now been over 6, and still this good):

Let's just say that if things remain as they are, even if they can't quite hold their current, luminous quality, but remain really fuckin' good... it's not gonna take me five years to do the whole priest-family-altar-ring thing. No chance. I couldn't even hold out that long if I wanted to, and I doubt I want to.

That same day, I got the informal offer for my job at Robert Anthony.

June 2nd saw an infamous sign-off phrase that I took flack for, and for some reason, has never returned:

Seacrest out.

I still think it's funny.

After getting excited about a possible cheap place to get my Canon Rebel XT camera, June 7th found me discovering the truth about "Express Cameras."

Check this shit out. Apparently, these fellas are the Third Reich of camera sales. It just goes to show, folks... watch from whom you buy, especially on the 'net. It's pretty easy to find examples of others' experiences with a certain vendor or reseller.

June 11th was Paula's graduation BBQ/kegger... I moblogged:

Having a great time. Lots of friends, good food, two kegs (Bud and Pyramid Apricot Ale)... And my girl, of course.

having a seriously great time... Not sure if Paula reads this, but CONGRATS GIRL! Not sure what were doing tonight, but after free food and beer, it won't cost any money.

need a refill.

For whatever reason, my method of moblogging hard breaks lines and strips out quotes and apostrophes. Odd.

June 17th saw me buy and use that Rebel XT. I love that camera.

June 24th saw the creation of my personal marketing bussiness/logo... which I still haven't actually done anything with... though I do own the domain name in question.

June 29th saw my introduction, and resulting addiction, to Flickr.

July 1st saw my first political-type posting, which probably eventually led to the creation of Metaliberal, when I commented on the O'Connor retirement:

So I guess Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor is retiring. I'm sure plenty of people out their are shitting themselves at the prospect of Bush appointing a SCOTUS Justice, but really, O'Connor was a moderate-conservative... certainly no liberal. Chances are, because an ultraconservative wouldn't be confirmed, Bushie will have no choice but to appoint another moderate-conservative. The interesting case, of course, is Roe v. Wade... the "liberals" on the court, Ginsberg, Souter, Breyer, and Stevens, can be counted on upholding. And, in the past, moderate-conservative Anthony Kennedy has voted to uphold Roe when it has come up. Therefore, even if Bush appoints a staunch pro-lifer, the right is still 1 vote shy of overturning what is easily the most controversial SCOTUS decision in history.

July 7th, London was hit. I relayed a couple different comments from Londoners that I found particularly fitting.

On July 11th, more mushiness as Heather and I celebrated 6 months together:

Today, Heather and I celebrate six months together. It's my longest relationship by threefold, and it has been the best six months of my life, bar none. We are planning for the future and enjoying the present. I relish the time I have with her, and luckily for me, she is more than generous with her time. She makes me smile and laugh and beam. It feels like we've been together forever, and I'm certain we will...

That's all for now. A fun, nearly-six-month retrospective on my life, as told in blog form. Things more recent than 7/11 can be easily found here on the front page anyway.

We'll see if I do this again some time... maybe in February... who knows?

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